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Our new home at 2350 G Road allows us to better coordinate, facilitate, and host meetings with partner agencies; provide families with added security, privacy, and comfort during their difficult experiences; add additional staff to provide advocacy, forensic interviews, forensic medical exmainations, and on-site mental health services; and facilitate more outreach, prevention, and education in the community.

With our expanded facility and renovations, the Center has the ability to have separate spaces for forensic interviews, therapeutic services, medical examinations, staff, and training and has asisted in creating a warmer, more private environment that provides a safe space for children and families to begin their healing and recovery.

However, we need your help to complete more modifications and for the sustainability of our facility and organization for many more years to come so that we can continue to help children families on their path to healing.

Capital Campaign Goal - 1.5 Million


Our new home at 2350 G Road allows us to coordinate meetings with agencies, provide advocacy and on-site mental health services, ensure legally sound interviews and proper forensic examinations, and facilitate education and community referrals.
• Interest only payments until July 2019
• 70% of donations go towards paying off mortgage



In keeping with our child-first approach to recovery, the new facility requires some modification to appropriately meet the needs of the children and families we help on their path to healing.
• Sound proofing rooms
• Security cameras
• 19% of donations earmarked



As we outfit the new, larger space with furnishings, we are working hard to ensure it remains an inviting child and family friendly environment. With the additional new space, The Center is cultivating new programs to achieve its mission and therefore need to develop space for supplementary staff and appropriate equipment.
• Child inviting and friendly furnishings
• Training room chairs and table
• 11% of donations earmarked

If you would like to explore donation options or learn more about how The Center provides children and families with the support needed to begin the healing process, please call us at 970-245-3788. We would love to tell you more!